Marise Maas

Marise Maas was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in 1969. She emigrated to Australia with her family in 1982, and studied Printmaking at the Tasmanian School of Art. Maas moved to Amsterdam in 1993, where she worked for three years, printmaking at Grafisch Atelier Haarlem, and painting full-time.
She now lives and works in Melbourne.


Artist Statement

"There is no intention to give meaning and purpose to the images I create. I love paint and love to forget myself.

Painting starts in an almost meditative state and this may or may not lead somewhere. Usually it ends up being a response to my small world, so the mundane gets glorified.

Happy accidents can be used and canvasses are treated like sketch books. I paint whatever has come to my attention and very often use horses to show the situation. Horses are beautiful and strong and I have loved them from an early age, when I drew them obsessively.

I've calculated them back into my life by putting them on canvas time and time again.

I don't do people, so when horses are in the painting I'm most likely depicting things that involve people. This allows me to keep it anonymous, not having to read too much into it."



Marise Maas Oct 2010



Solo Exhibitions

Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide
Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

‘Wool in the Milk’, The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

‘Things and Animals’ The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne
Kazbar in South Yarra, Melbourne

Roar Studios Gallery, Fitzroy
The Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

Alphabet City Café, Melbourne
AAS van Bokalen, Keizersgracht, Amsterdam

Café Reibach, Amsterdam
Gallerie Heifensteyn, Amsterdam



National Gallery of Australia, Swinburne Institute of Technology, National Australia Bank, various private collections in Australia and overseas.

Marise Maas

As He Put It



oil on canvas

75 cm x 100 cm







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