Peter MacMullin

b. 1962

Artist Statement

I’m interested in the idea of disruption in the perception of ourselves. The feeling of uncertainty that occurs naturally during the course of any day, but particularly during a moment of fundamental change in our lives. It doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender or culture. It may only be a transient feeling before our focus, confidence and direction is restored.

This body of work explores the impact that job loss has on the sense of self. What we do in our career plays a significant role in defining who we are. This is particularly so for mature age workers who have acquired specific skills and certainty in their careers, and now must meet the challenge of redefining themselves in the digital age.

The blurred figure becomes a metaphor for the disrupted identity in a moment of doubt.


Adelaide Central School of Art, Bachelor of Visual Art, 2017

Group exhibitions

ACSA Graduate Exhibition
ACSA Student 10”x10”

The Fleurieu Water and Environment Prize

Art Prizes

Finalist - The Fleurieu Water and Environment Prize


While this is my first year as a visual art practitioner although my entire working life has been immersed as a career artist, either as a political cartoonist, illustrator or designer. I have enjoyed a successful career and been fortunate in working in many publications in Australia including The Australian newspaper as their Chief Artist, 1991-1997, and received a number of awards. My work has been included in The National Museum of Australia exhibitions, published in collections and I have illustrated 3 books.

Social and political commentary has been a common motivation throughout my professional life that will continue to inform my work as a visual artist.


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