Kate Little

Kate Little is a painting and textiles artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her practice includes painting, drawing, textile processes, sculpture, installation and digital media. Kate has recently completed her third and final year of a Bachelor of Visual Art at the University of South Australia. She has twice been awarded Chancellor’s Letters of Commendation from the University of South Australia (2015, 2016). Kate studied and practiced medicine prior to becoming a visual artist. She commenced post graduate study in the field of bioinformatics, using computer based mathematic models to determine risk in health. During this time, she worked at a craft publishing house in the editorial, executive and creative departments. This reinforced and developed her appreciation of materials and pattern.
Artist Statement:
My work explores the junction of mathematics, textiles and art. It investigates the mathematics of symmetry and its occurrence in textile production processes. I test the boundaries and properties of materials across a wide range of media, driven by curiosity and a desire to understand through production. My work is reflective and contemplative. It celebrates the joy of repetition and difference present in music, mathematics and visual pattern.

My paintings carry echoes of Modernist abstraction, with grids and a geometric foundation. They also nod to Conceptualism with the systematic application of a predetermined process. However, a personal, tactile element is introduced by the handmade approach and use of textiles and textile techniques. The grid of weave and weft predates the geometry of Modernity and my work explores this. The nature and behaviour of materials is central to my work.


Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design (Honours), University of South Australia

Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of South Australia

Bioinformatics, Medicine, University of Adelaide – PhD student

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Adelaide


Selected for the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition

Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation for Academic Achievement

Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation for Academic Achievement


A Walk in the Park UniSA Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition

Foundation studio exhibition, University of South Australia



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