7 Jun 2018

Richard Maurovic

Winner of the $10,000 West Torrens Art Prize

Richard Maurovic has been announced as the winner of the $10,000 West Torrens Art Prize for his painting, Respecting All Cultures, Torrensville (acrylic on canvas, 70 x 140cm, 2018). The Prize commenced in 2017 as an acquisitive prize to build awareness of life in West Torrens and to build the City of West Torrens’ own art collection.

Maurovic’s painting encapsulates the Prize’s theme of ‘Past, Present, Future’. He explains:

“Torrensville has always been a vibrant melting pot of cultural diversity; those in the past coming mainly from Greek and Italian heritage to the newer arrivals in more recent times from southeast Asia and the Middle East. My aim was to capture and celebrate our different backgrounds with respect and in harmony by visually referencing existing architecture both old and new and populating the street scene with the mix of people one typically sees. This moment in time is a celebration of daily life in suburban South Australia.

As the child of post-war refugees, I am attuned to the experiences that people have when settling in to a new country, and especially where the language is different from one’s mother-tongue. There are challenges, but they do not prevent a person from embracing the new place and being embraced by it.”

Richard Maurovic 2018

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